How I will be spending this Christmas during a pandemic

The festive season in South Africa is usually the busiest time of the year, with the pandemic happening, things are really not the same. My aim for this year’s festive/ Christmas season is to still have fun with caution.

1. The biggest event that will take most of my time and attention is my cousin going to the initiation school. Although I am totally against him going to initiation school during this tough time, tradition is tradition and as Africans we really respect it. I will be helping out at home preparing for his stay at the mountains; the cooking, cleaning for when we get visitors and preparing for his homecoming event. This tradition is an old Xhosa tradition which is taken highly of by the Xhosa community where young boys go to initiation to become men (I’m not gonna get into too much detail)

2. Christmas clothes shopping

Every year before Christmas; either From Oct- early December days we buy clothes for the kids to wear on Christmas day. Before I got my job, having these luxuries is something I was not able to do for my now 5 year old. I would buy what I could and would always wish I could get something nicer. This year, I managed to buy a few items at a budget and still feel like I did a great job. I will make a separate blog post on how and where I got my kids’ clothes.

3. Work

I have been feeling exhausted lately and my body is just complaining that it needs rest! We will only be closing for the holidays for 2 weeks. I am hoping to make the best of those 2 weeks by actually enjoying them. As I’ve stated I will be helping with my cousin’s initiation preps. I might also get a few orders for crochet and I could actually use the extra cash and I so miss crochet!

4. Spending time with my little and big family.

I spend time with my kids but it is never enough with having to leave them every morning. I am quite surprised that I was able to in the first place. Those 2 are my world. Taking the 2 weeks off work also means I will be spending more time with my aunts, grandmother, uncles; I have a super big extended family.

5. Getting enough sleep!

I am not your typical early bird, I am quite surprised and proud of myself for being able to wake up before 6 O’clock every morning for a whole 3 months. As proud as I am, my body is aching for some rest! I miss waking up when I want to and not when I have to. You can say I am lazy and maybe I am but I love it. Sleep is one of my favourite things in the world. J

6. Getting to see my best friend

My best friend, Zanele stays in Cape Town and we haven’t gotten to spend some time together in a long time. Adulting has kept us divided. She hasn’t announced anything yet about getting back but I am hoping to see her and laugh with her. With Covid and everything happening, I will understand if she decides to stay in Cape Town.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Brings back great memories cos as a Nigerian, I remember looking forward to my new Christmas outfits, the Carols and sumptuous meals.

    Merry Christmas in Advance! And yeah, nothing beats family time.

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    How old is your cousin for this initiation and is there is similar rite of passage for girls? Have a blessed Christmas and may you have the chance to do some crochet work.

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    1. Siphosetu says:

      Hi Elizabeth, I am so sorry I took this long getting back to you. In my culture there is none for girls, you don’t go to the mountain or get any part of your body removed.

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      1. Elizabeth says:

        What a relief!

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      2. Siphosetu says:

        I know right!

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