Affirmations Friday! – Late Post

Everyday when going to work, with the kids and with life in general, I find myself in the midst of some battle, some lesson I need to pass or some challenge.

Some are smaller than others, and we might think they don’t really matter. I find myself having to find a solution to how to respond to a co-worker who might have said something that offends me. A battle.

Other days I may find myself having to stop my one or the other of my children doing something bad, and it is a lesson to me too.

Sometimes someone says something and it really shouldn’t be much of a big deal, I take it to heart because it triggered something deep, here too I have to learn to calm myself down and see if I should really waste my energy or simply forgive them.

Internal battles are the hardest, and I know I shouldn’t fight them alone, if I have to, the Universe/ God/ Creator is fighting them with me.

There are days when the battles seem very tough, they take years, they consume you but we fight on, we should take breaks, (sometimes our bodies will just shut down on us if we refuse to) but we never give up.

The best thing about battles, is that they strengthen us.



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  1. Elizabeth says:

    On Sunday one of our priests talked about how every obstacle in our path gives us a chance to grow in our relationship with God. That really challenged me, since I want an obstacle free life.LOL

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    1. Siphosetu says:

      It does challenge us and strengthen us. We learn from those challenges but they are so hard to handle! LOL

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      1. Elizabeth says:

        That is absolutely true!


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