Affirmations Friday!


Hello beauties, I am so proud of myself for remembering to post today!! I know, I know I missed last week and the week before; and when I remembered today , I thought, know what,I wont feel guilty. Life happens. I guess with blogging we find ourselves in that predicament, where you are under so much pressure to write even when what you are writing doesn’t have soul, I am a super soulful soul so just doing things for doing them is not my style.

So I am happy to write this post today, Today’s affirmation, ‘I celebrate others’ successes without jealousy’, I love it because a friend of mine mentioned it the other day. Jealousy can consume you, like any other negative emotion, and if you entertain it, it will become a part of you.

It’s normal to feel jealous, I think the emotion is also a reminder of something, maybe it reminds you that you need to work on getting something someone else has. But it should also remind you that it is totally OK to want something someone has, but we can all have it. There is enough of it in the Universe! You dont have to take it from someone else.

So this affirmation comes in handy when you feel the jealousy. It wont become your friend if you fight it. “hey we not friends’, Tell it!

Have a splendid Friday Everyone


Sethu 🙂

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