In spirit of Valentine: Self Love

Hi All! I hope everyone had the best Valentine of their life! I had the best time on Valentine. I had a few mishaps which made me realize that during the 14 of February, everyone is expecting to receive something in return for something. I am a natural giver. I learnt that giving is good but too much is not OK, you end up having little for yourself. Same as with love, it good to give love, but it is nice to receive it too. When we give we expect we will get love back and it’s not always the case, sometimes we give and not receive and we expect and get disappointed.

This post is a reminder to give love to ourselves as well. whatever way you wish to be loved or appreciated, show it to yourself. I love being called beautiful, even though I know I am, it would be great to get it from someone else, but if I dont, I say it to myself. It sounds strange at first, but the more you do it, the more it really does it’s work. you become happier, and stronger.

having said that all. I love you All! lots. keep well and keep safe

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