Vision board ideas: what’s on my vision board?

  1. YouTube Channel Consistent Content Creation – I am determined to create consistent content for my YouTube channel.
  2. Loving environment for my kids: take care of and teach my Nunus
  3. WordPress Blogging Consistent Content Creation –  My goal this year is to create valuable content my for my blog.
  4. Relationship goals – Everyone deserves to be loved, I hope to find my prince charming, (they find me, rather)
  5. Mo’ Money – Lots of money. Nothing wrong with wanting a good life, I deserve it.
  6. Abundant Orders – Crochet is a big part of my life and I hope to grow my crochet business, hoping to find the time
  7. Spirituality: Faith, Self-Care, Self-development, taking care of me so that I can be the best mom to my kids
  8. Travel – Emphekweni lodge, a beautiful place not too far from my town, I am crocheting a bikini set to prepare for it.
  9. Happy Working Environment – Most of my time is spent at work, I want to be happier, to grow and be more productive in this space
  10. Fitness Goals – I have started to do standing ab exercises, I am too lazy to get down and up 😀
  11. Glow up, Classy Style – Literally want to look more polished this year.
  12. The Debut Programme. – As part of the candidates for the Debut Programme, where artists are groomed to become business people, I hope to win the prize to give back by teaching other artists how to make an income from their craft.

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