A post about loving my hair

 A short story

I always had very light, brittle and thin kinky hair

It never grew much

I didn’t like it.

Then I would put extensions on

Which left my edges bald

Then I would cut my hair

I loved my Chiskop, always got compliments

But I was still insecure about my hair

I’m learning to love my hair, to love my whole self. Past recent years I had been trying to grow my hair. I’m happy to say it has reached a length that it had never reached before.

My hair is different besides it having shrinkage like most African women, you might not tell that it grew longer than it ever did. I am learning to take care of it, to grow it, to keep it.

I get comments like, why not cut it off, you look better like that. I want to at times, but I put in a lot of work to get it here.

I love my hair and I am teaching my daughter to love hers too, as it is.

photo from: Hairstyles.com

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love that you are coming to your own peace with your hair and sharing that with your daughter.

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  2. Queen Karen says:

    There is beauty in loving yourself and all that you are. I love getting big chops too but they are a lot of maintenance. I love my hair. I must admit that there are days, I don’t like it because though I try to style it, it can be difficult most times so I mainly leave my hair in a puff. So glad that you are teaching your daughter to love her hair ❤️🤗


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