What I learned in 2018

The year has just started and I already feel hopeful and have faith that things will turn out well. It may be a bit late to still be writing about 2018 but I really felt like sharing this. It wasn’t easy to write these down as I had mentioned in my previous post how tough things were for me  and how happy I am it’s aall over! I also mentioned how it taught me some of the best lessons in life. Trust me, through struggle you learn.
It gave me time to learn about myself
I was a lot more focused on how certain things made me feel and how I wanted to get rid of everything that didn’t serve any purpose or didn’t have a positive impact on me. I must admit letting go is the toughest.

It brought me towards people that cared and mattered
Through blogging and my business, I made friends with people from around the globe who loved me and they didn’t even know me! These people have never judged me instead they push me to a better position. I’m so grateful for them.
I became more mindful / grateful
My life had been quite slow yet dreadful. I had a lot of time and even though it may have seemed like wasted time, I was very thougful of every event that took place. Accepting how things may take time to fruition is one of the hardest things I had to do. Through being mindful I realised that I didn’t have to post everyday on social media and eventually I let go of the pressure to keep up with the world.

Prioritising myself
Growing up I couldn’t say No to a lot of things. I still carry that trait today but only when I allow it and let it slip. You don’t always have to be in control. I took time to learn how certain things made me feel and what I had to do to improve them. I also know what brings me down and triggers my anxiety.

Good perspective of love
I got a taste of what real love should be like. I got to have what I deserved and I got to know what to offer. This is an experience I am very grateful for.
I learned new skills and got new ideas
I had known I had an interest in design and had an eye for pretty things. I liked making things, mainly crafts. So I took a chance and learned crochet. I was desperately trying to make money in the beginning until it became more enjoying. I loved how challenging it was and creating new different projects. Thanks to YouTube and Pinterest.
I spent more time with my child
We had to spend a week in hospital as my son’s face was swollen and he was in pain and needed medical attention. The accident wasn’t as bad as it traumatised me. Even though there were still some concerns, my son was OK. I had to be there with him 24/7. I hated waking up very early for baths and watching him with bruises on his face that he wasn’t able to talk properly. FYI he talks a lot!
I learnt to let things be
I don’t like giving up very easily. One time I had gotten a call from a friend that I needed to go to Cape Town as soon as the next day for a job opening at Amazon. I didn’t have enough money and this was too soon for me. I thought it could be my chance so I prepared for it. On this day something that hurt my feelings happened that I no longer had the energy to go even though I still wanted. I still didn’t want to let go so I booked for a bus even though I could see that time was running out. I rushed to the bus and it had left me. There were a lot of signs of how this was not a good idea, at least at that moment. I hadn’t even prepared who would take care of my son while I was in Cape Town. I lost all my money, they didn’t do refunds for bus tickets. This experience taught me how to let go and let things be. I still believe that working at Cape Town’s Amazon would have changed my life, it just wasn’t the right time.

I became more grateful
I found myself being thankful for a lot of things, even small things like being able to get out of bed to things like my son being alive and healthy. I’m even grateful for the struggle as I believe it is a blessing in disguise.

Generally I grew up!

Would love to hear what everyone learnt from last year and what you all look forward to in 2019

Also. I have a post drafted for what I’m looking forward to. Coming up soon.

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  1. Bravo on your awareness and personal growth! And thank you for sharing this with us as your words and experiences serve to remind us of blessings and for what to be thankful. Wishing you all the best in 2019.


  2. Queen Karen says:

    Look at God. I was thinking about you today. I was just saying, I haven’t seen a blog post from you but scrolling, I saw that you posted yesterday. I really enjoyed this blog post. I’m so glad that you have learned all these valuable lessons. Some missed opportunities are a blessing in disguise. It teaches us lessons we would have never learned. This reminded me of an experience I had like 3 years ago. I was rushing to catch my bus. I was walking but because there was puddles of rain, I slowed down. There was a woman walking in front of me. Not knowing, she was going to catch the bus too. By the time she reached the bus stop, it was green light for her but when I was about to cross, it was red light and the bus arrived. I couldn’t cross the street. I had an exam that day. The bus left and I cried. In that moment, i learned to let go. I felt like the Lord was reminding me again to let go of the friendships, pain and hurt. Within a few moments, I became calm. The next bus arrived. When I arrived, the test already started but the professor handed me the paper. 2018 taught me this: Stop trying to maintain friendships with people who don’t want to maintain friendships with you. You can accomplish anything with God by your side. The trials will come but call on the name of the Lord. He answers. The trials are part of the process. They make you stronger but it’s also a gateway to help others. God is not finished with you yet. That’s what I learned and so much more. Great post. I hope your baby is going well 🤗✨. Happy New Year ✨🌻. May this new year shower God’s outpouring of love, favor, joy, peace all year round. You will lack no good thing in Jesus name 🙌🏿. Your baby will lack no good thing. God will provide and unlock many gifts in your life. If God be for us, who can be against us? No one.

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    1. Siphosetu says:

      Your comment is so touching I felt it! 😊 Letting go is really not easy. I’m so happy God came through for you and you wrote your exam. Sometimes we give up too easily and think it’s all over, yet God had made a way. this is so inspiring. 😊💜

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  3. Elizabeth says:

    Nothing is as hard as watching our child suffer. No wonder it was a difficult year for you. May this one go better.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thank you. I have so much faith things will be better this new season.

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  4. susiewilliamsonblog says:

    Another wonderfully inspiring blog. It’s such an important thing, to look back, reflect on what went well, what didn’t go so well, and learn from it. We’re all on that journey of personal growth. Happy 2019!

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  5. Nice nice piece Siphosetu

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    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thanks Tsepo 😊

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