6 Powerful Phrases by 6 brave women: Women’s Day

Hey All!

So I have missed you all and blogging. I so apologise for  disappearing on you like that…Life!

Apartheid was a hard time for my country, even though I wasn’t there most of it, I can relate.  The inequalities and social and economic issues we are faced with today are the results of the country’s history.


The national Women’s day is not just any other holiday to celebrate women. On this day in 1956,  women of all races came together to march against the ‘pass laws’ in the country during those times, . This was the law that did not allow black people to go in the then ‘white people only’ areas, these laws further restricted women on their movement in and around the country.

These courageous women who counted to over 20 000 were marching towards the Union Building in Pretoria, this is where the official seat of the South African Government and also the offices of the President of South Africa are.  Among those who led the march were the stalwarts Lilian Ngoyi andHelen Joseph.


I thought I should first explain what the day is all about. So grab yourself some coffee prepare yourself for a long, informative and expressive post.

Today. South African women are faced with even more challenges.


Almost every month we hear of a woman who has died from an abusive relationship. Even after so many outcries. Women have made efforts, the #MenAreTrash and #MeToo movements on social media have been used to make efforts to stop the abuse. None of these have proven much success as police are really not helping much as well. A young woman, Khensani (check #RIPKhensani) recently cut short her life after an alleged boyfriend raped her.



These are stories we need to tell and bring forward so we fight them together as women. Last week all women of SA mobilised and formed a #TotalShutdown around the country to express their anger because, really, enough is enough.






So I asked 5 brave women to share a power phrase they felt would express their feelings about the femicides and rape cases happening currently in the country. Here’s what they had to say:

Sinovuyo ‘NINO’ Apleni


“It takes balls being a woman!”
“We are beaten ,battered,violated and shamed.we walk in fear of our counter parts in society,we wake up not knowing if this will be the day we lose our lives simply because we born a gender that is seen as vulnerable and worthy of disrespect…Yet each day we hold our heads high,we hide our scars behind pretty smiles and hearty laughter. Now that’s having balls in my book. The strength of us women is muscularity.


Vuyokazi ‘Vuvu’ Siboyana


We are woman from different back grounds with different experiences in life. We’ve fought battles in ways that we thought are best,we have different scars from different types of abuse. Some scars are visible some are internal where no one can see them and only you can feel. Some women were fortunate enough to have a support system and some had to rely on psychologists inorder to be heale. Others had to supress whatever feelings or scars they had inorder for life to go on
Im here today as a scard woman,as a woman who had to supress every pain I had inorder for my life to go foward. I wake up everyday and be glad thay I survived my abuse kodwa somehow sad because I had sisters,friends,aunts,neighbours that lost their beauty,self esteem even their lives because of keeping quiet about being abused. I’ve been humiliated used and abused but that did not bring me down instead I used those negative things as my stepping stones. Im from the poor of the poorest family but I’am working and stydying hard so that the following generation from my blood line can be the richer of richest. Stop feeling sorry for yourself woman,God created you for a purpose. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and looking at other peoples success mna ndithi JONGA ITIKITI LAKHO mntase and be the success God created you to be. On this womans month lets rather focus on helping and pulling one another up sbambane sibe yimbumba like oomama Lillian Ngoyi and leave PHDS(Pull her down syndrome) that we never stidied for.TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE WOMAN. #JONGA ITIKITI LAKHO.

Getty ‘Native Child’

“My vigina , my choices”


Mine is really simple as women we were taught from the minute we got our periods as little girls that ” your vigina belongs to your husband ” today I am saying my vagina , my choice because I’ve realised that my vagina belongs to me and me alone what I decide to do with it should not bother anyone basically what I am saying is stop policing women’s bodies .

The day we own what we are worth will be the day we are able to walk away from abusive relationships.



Yonela Tsibolane


“Women are HUMANS not rocks. If you strike me, I will BLEED.”
I came across this quote on one of my friend’s social media posts, during the #TotalShutDown march against Gender-based violence that took place earlier on this month. I read it over multiple times, and I couldn’t believe it. The accuracy. The strong black woman who is told to stick by her partner through every beating and lie she is fed. The woman who is forced to suffer in silence after being raped. The woman who was silenced forever by her murderer. The truth is women are humans and they suffer. They cannot always be told to endure pain, because it will never stop hurting. Women cannot always be told to be strong – sometimes we should be allowed to be weak. We should be allowed to cry and to feel anger , without being told to suffer in silence.



Naledi Chirwa


Men are trash to women and to each other. Even the “not all men” men brigade are scared of men. They don’t walk out late at night because they know there’s men out there who might end their lives for a phone. We are scared of men. Men are scared of each other. Our problem is men.

Thank you for reading. 😊. Please Comment below, we’d like to hear what you all think. ✊

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  1. Roland Legge says:

    Thank you for your blog. I hear the pain, anger and injustice faced by many woman in your country. Woman face this around the world. I am a man living in Canada. I am angered that too many men still abuse woman. I also believe that every time a man hurts a woman he is hurting himself. Young boys need to be brought up differently. We men are not naturally abusive. We learn it from our fathers. We learn about it through the media. It does not need to be this way. I thank you for your courage to speak out. There is no justification for rape.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thank you Roland for taking time to read my post. I agree with you. It is appalling that men here are too focused on defending themselves by saying it’s not all of them. When they aren’t doing much themselves. We all have the responsibility to speak out about these issues and to raise better men, men need to own up too for this to come to end.


    2. zanele says:

      wow…Thank you nono,rape did happen to a person that is very dear to my heart (my mom) and I happened to witness the whole brutal act because she was raped infront me and through the support system she got, she managed to bounce back again….It’s woman like you that make them victims feel like they can conquer the world again,thank you for doing this and may God bless you…


      1. Siphosetu says:

        Thank you Zanele for sharing your story with us. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you and your mom to deal with the trauma. Your mom is a real mbokodo and we continue to fight for women like her and the lot of us who have experienced such. 💕🌼


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Wow. Where to start in a response? I live with the scars of abuse too. I too was taught that I didn’t own my body. And this was in a country which considers itself superior to your country! Women hating is the hallmark of my country’s president. God bless you all for,your bravery and truth telling.


  3. queenpea77 says:

    Really fantastic post, thank you. The words of the women you spoke with were so powerful and inspiring. Thank you again and happy Women’s Day!


    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thank You 💕😊


  4. Feisal says:

    Where does this hatred, disrespect and uglies towards women stem from, the statistics are harrowing with no end in sight, I feel strongly that it starts with parenting… men in SA are clueless as regards treating women as their equals… does this lend itself to their siblings and other closely knitted female family members?? . I am a male and many of my female friends have shared their horror stories with me.. I have yet to meet or find an inspirational male figure out there…


    1. Siphosetu says:

      Hey Feisal, Thanks for commenting. It starts from our culture and religion. We’ve watched our mothers staying in abusive relationships because they are told to endure ‘marriage’. Most men think they have authority over women’s bodies. We can only hope for a better generation of men by raising our sons right.


  5. Thank you for this, it touches me as man.


    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thank you Teboho for taking time to read. I’m happy the post moved you as a man. What would you suggest men can do to curb this? 😊


  6. Amazing post filled with words so true. Rapists cause rapes and not great boobs. That’s so true. Keep flying, Siphosetu. We have missed you so much. Welcome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thank you for commenting Teslim. I’ve missed everyone too. 🙂


  7. Beautiful post and thank you for sharing. That’s why I always tell all the young ladies out there to stop endurance in marriage. If you have an abusive boyfriend or husband. The best key is to walk away from the relationship. But most of them they will tell you what about the kids, or tell you that all the man are the same. I see lots of women being abused but when someone try to help them, they will tell you their fine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Siphosetu says:

      Hey sis! 😊 so good to see your comment. It really is hard being in an abusive relationship. All we can do is support them and fight with them. It’s also high time abusive men be dealt with accordingly. Police and the government aren’t helping much too. So it’s our responsibility to teach our brothers, sons and boyfriends how to treat ladies right.


      1. True my dear, it’s nice hearing from you, I missed you a lot. I was going through a lot and I fall off a little bit on my blogging also, specially journey of my life but starting from Monday I will upload journey of my life. Have a lovely blessed weekend


  8. Thank you for sharing this, the importance of it is enormous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thank you for stopping by! It really needs to be talked about. 🙂


  9. susiewilliamsonblog says:

    Thank you for your wonderfully inspiring blog. Speaking out, truth-telling about violence against women is both courageous and a giant step in tackling what feels like a world-wide epidemic. Women like you give the rest of us courage.


    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thank you Susie. I appreciate you taking time to read my blog post. Had to do my part in fighting this problem. 😊


  10. I’m only reading this now, 4 months later, but I totally relate and reiterate every statement. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thank You for coming by. 😊💜


  11. -@thesoulfulempathizer says:

    Not all men are same but yes I can understand. Issue brought up very well with grace!


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