6 ways to cope with a breakup

Sometimes I feel like I can conquer the world and believe I’m happy without any thought of you. At times I feel like breaking down missing your warm hold around my waist while we lie down cosily. 

This is how it feels to leave the person you thought was your forever.

Here’s how I cope:

1. I write about my pain, my happiness, my doubts and everything in between. Blogging has helped me shed some of the weight so I could face each day. Writing about my personal life was the hardest decision I’d ever had to make.

2. Having something to do keeps me busy with work and I don’t have time worrying about my broken heart. If I was at home 24/7 I would be nursing my loneliness. So keeping yourself busy helps forget for a while.

3. Where I do my learnership we are two girls among 3 funny guys. They make me laugh like all the time. If I had to choose, I would be with them. 

4. I party.😁, I have been partying a lot lately and I’m not even one bit ashamed of it. I’ve never been a party animal, but being around a lot of people has helped me realise that there’s more to life than having a boyfriend. Interacting with other people also made me realise that there’s still something beautiful and interesting about me. When going through a breakup you start being insecure about your body.  

5. I tell myself it is OK because anything that was meant to last would have lasted. No point in waiting on what could never happen. You will find someone who will love you they way you want to be loved rather than settling for what is safe and familiar. You just have to make this about you and your happiness.

6.I spend more time with family and friends. It has given me more time to be with my son. Now I appreciate the moments I spend with those close to me. 

Hoping that you get something out of my writing and an angel somewhere will be able to handle a breakup with my tips. 

If youve been through a breakup what did you do to get over  it?


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  1. Mbalenhle says:

    6 days ago my boyfriend and l broke up, after being together for 4 years. I only started coping yesterday, the first 5 days and nights I spent them crying mainly because l was thinking of how much this break up is hurting me. Yesterday l decided to see him in hopes that l get closure. And l did get it because he apologized and stopped making it seem as though l was in the wrong. I only need an apology for me to move onπŸ’–. Thanks for sharing

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    1. Siphosetu says:

      It becomes even harder when there’s no apology. And you start feeling guilty for doing what’s right for you. Worse when you have a child together. Thank you sis for your response. πŸ’œ


  2. abostar says:

    When you break up with the man you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with shutters all the plans you made fo the future, I was in a relationship for 4 years and we were engaged. I still love him even to this day but we both realised we could never be together. It’s sad and I cried about it for months and the pain is still there but not like before. I’m slowly finding my way each and every day. One thing I’ve realised is that life is tooo short to be crying over things you can not change, the best feeling is finding yourself and that’s what is happening to me😊

    Thanks Sethu for such a good read I enjoy reading your blig posts. Keep writing ❀

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    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thanks Abo. Much appreciated πŸ’œ


  3. Joan Akob says:

    Shuu😒…Things we can’t avoid hey. Lovely post😊. I go the extreme route and block connections from all social media accounts. And after a while of not seeing/talking or even knowing whether they exist, I somehow come to a space where I realise and make peace with the fact that it’s over and I’ve moved on πŸ˜…

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    1. Siphosetu says:

      I have to have some kind of communication with the father to discuss what we need to do for our son’s sake. Thank you for reading love.πŸ’œ

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      1. Joan Akob says:

        Sure 😊. More grace & strength to you!

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      2. Siphosetu says:



  4. Thanks for sharing this. It’s really going to be helpful.

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    1. Siphosetu says:

      I’m glad you like my writing. It means lots πŸ’œ

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