Getting to know novelist, poet, and blogger Cinga Dyala



I’ve been privileged to have met this amazing, super humble and talented woman. Her name is Cinga Dyala and she has done such amazing work to show her love for writing and the art.  To me she has been an incredibly patient mentor!

I might have just described how I see her as a person,but this following interview describes her best:

Please describe yourself in just 10 words

* Hard worker, go-getter, passion-filled, career-driven, mother, crazy, experimental, spiritual and friendly. Writer!

Your biggest projects?

* Publishing my first novel and creating my blog.

Who did you work with during these?

*On the book, Rodney Roskruge .On the blog, Zukile Bojana


What don’t your readers know about you?

* That I’m actually very shy and talkative at the same time.. I confuse myself too at times.

Mornings or night?


Music or silence?


Other talents or hobbies?

* Facilitating drama in primary schools in Mdantsane.. Grooming kids into becoming the best versions of themselves in the world of art is my hidden talent..

Tell us something you hate doing. Why?

* Making my bed, I hate that with so much passion. If there was a way, I’d sleep standing.

One incident where you had to get out of your comfort zone.

* When I was writing a script for an advert, I felt really out of place, like the world of words was foreign.

How do you describe your style of writing? 

*Simple, with traces of my soul in it.

Favourite quote?

*Fear to work hard= Fear to succeed. Don’t ask the person behind it, I just made that up..

3 songs in your current playlist.

* Sands- Tigi,

Sands- Vuma,

Amanda Black- Kahle.

I’m a sucker for romance

Favourite authors? Books?

*Perfect on paper by Maria Murnane

The  Vow by Kim and Krickitt Carpenter.

Again, my addiction for romance reveals itself.

What advice can you give to other writers who have just started out?

* Find your own path. Never, ever, be anyone’s shadow. Discover your own style and your own purpose .

where can we find you?


When we talk about a writer with at big heart, we are talking about Cinga. Check her out on her blog,My Story.

Ciao! ❤


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  1. Msimelelo says:

    Very interesting

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    1. Siphosetu says:

      I’m glad you liked it msimelelo


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