We grow through what we go through

This is the first time I use any of my own pictures for this blog. That’s me and my son Angenathi, recently turned 2.

This post is not about that picture though. It is about how I learnt through challenges I face everyday in my life, some of which I would love to share on this blog but don’t feel ready doing so just yet, that we it is OK to feel weak at times.

Sometimes,when we are at our lowest, we forget that those moments are as essential as our happy moments because they carry lessons with them. Those lessons are at most times unforgettable as they occur and challenge our growth as people.

This is to remind you that even when you feel like you are carrying a load of problems. Even if you feel like you cannot face anyone or anything at this moment, because a moment ago I felt the same, it is OK. It is OK to cry, it OK to let it out.  Those tears are a good wash for your eyes so you can see more clearer. 

With Love

Sethu ❤


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  1. Diana says:

    powerful message Sethu. As you have said, sometimes its good to just let it all out.

    I hope that you are feeling better now. Happy belated birthday to your son ❤

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    1. Siphosetu says:

      Oh thank you sweety, I’m feeling a lot better! As soon as I finished writing I felt some relief! That’s how great writing can be. Be blessed! 🙂


  2. abostar says:

    I find it hard to cry lol now you know…even in the most saddest situation I always remain strong for the others. Sometimes I ask my self do they even know I hurt as well.
    I love this post, I just hope my tears can learn to understand that it is ok to just come flowing down my cheeks hahaha.

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  3. Siphosetu says:

    They better learn to flow, even if you do it in privacy and not let others see


  4. abostar says:

    Goshh I must really start crying hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thank you Charlene for following me! ❤


  5. Elorm Yankah says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for the encouragement

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  6. Siphosetu says:

    The pleasure’s all mine Elorm! ❤


  7. Dee Gash says:

    Those moments allow for growth to happen…the tears wash away the unnecessarry… Beautiful post, thanks for this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thank you for reading love.💜


      1. Dee Gash says:

        You’re welcome…it was worth it

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