5 reasons why I love being a young mom: writing from the heart

Although I’m grateful I wasn’t a mom while I was still in high school, being a mom at varsity is more or less the same. I was 21 when I fell pregnant. One big reason why I never had a 21st birthday party; I wasn’t expecting any,the only thing I was expecting was just a baby.

It was the most daunting period of my life but thank God at least the whole pregnancy thing is over! motherhood has its ups and downs and maybe when you came in a bit earlier into the troop of mothers the downs are a little deeper and steeper and the ups are the most enjoyable periods that rarely come along. the ups do come along and they are the reason I created this post. we cant always be talking about being a mother at a young age in a tone that’s depressing. it’s not always that bad and a few of my mates will agree to this,I’m sure…

  1. You are lucky to have had a child at an earlier stage than your peers will have, sorry for comparing and no this is not a competition but by the time they will be so busy worried about what having a child for the first time feels like, you will be relaxed knowing you’ve been there already and glad it’s all over.
  2. You will have a best friend forever! For real this time. Many of us have had too many ‘best friend forever’ experiences since early teen life, but actually not many of them lasted that long. Your son or daughter is your new best friend because if you realize just how so lucky you are that the age gap is not that big, you will be a more fun mom to be around with. What you dreamed of as a child right.
  3. It’s OK to fool around when you are younger with your child. Laugh, play and just enjoy the random kisses and hugs. Just don’t get too caught up that you forget you are the parent. I know it’s easier to forget!
  4. You learn the hardest way to be strong when you need to. Like the old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” parenting can get tough. It teaches you about what you never thought you would ever be able to do. I was so scared I thought I would die!
  5. You are forced to be more responsible and you learn the tricks to life as a striving parent. I was a student and at times I would stay up all night feeding, changing nappies and studying at the same time. You spend consciously every cent because now there’s someone else to worry about. This has grown me in so many ways.

Much Love


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