Job hunting

2016 has been one of the toughest years of my life. As a current final year student in Journalism, I am required to do 6 months of internship which I should have started in July.

With no luck from emails and word of mouth proving no success, I spent most of my days and nights under so much stress and slept with tears each night, I was running out of time. I wondered what could be wrong with me, I kept changing and editing my CV and making sure I all accompanying documents were there. I just didn’t understand what the problem was. I was in a dark space. I managed to wake up every morning and facing the world, going to the nearest library in Mdantsane check my emails. I blamed God at times, I wondered why he let me go through this, why couldn’t it just be easy, until


One morning, I woke up thinking of going to the library as usual but the Internet was offline and couldn’t send more CV’s or check my emails. I thought of going to the local radio station. I had prayed that my request be a success but actually didn’t believe it would. What was new? there was nothing new about what I was about to do but I had something driving me to go. I pitched my story to the News head, Abongile Booi. She wasn’t impressed. She had 2 more interns and were from the same university as I. She said she’d look at my CV, if she liked it, she would call. the next day I got her call, and was hired. This was the best day of my life. I thank God for this.

I had learnt that I might have wanted a fancy writing job, but God knew where he wanted me. I had initially underestimated the station, but it is where my foundation is. I had to start at home, at my birth town to learn for what was yet in store for me, What’s in store is much bigger and now, I’ll be more than ready for it. Thanks to my job as a Mdantsane FM newsreader intern.


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  1. Elorm says:

    I understand the frustrations of job hunting! I am there right now and it’s a draining process. Congratulations on finding the right job!

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  2. angenathi says:

    Hi Elorm, I love your blog and think it is such a success. from now on, I’ll be folowing your posts and hope that my blog and grow to what yours looks like, good work sisi. and goodluck with job hunting.


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