Fashion art is a way of life for Kultcha Boys


If you are looking for good quality funky tees, you are looking for Kulcha. Kultcha is a fashion brand incorporated with art by a determined and vision-led group of 3 guys from Mdantsane.
Sibabalo Mali, Sesethu Dingaan, Siyolise Mbangi and Lungile Matomela started the Kulcha dream as early as 2014 but it came into reality in April this year when they finally got the startup capital they needed for their business.  The brand’s focus is on good quality funky tee shirts for a young and hip audience which they sell at just R250,00

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These guys want to give the best and know the response they will get is nothing but the best. Kultcha is a movement that aims at not just selling the tee shirts but also a platform for youngsters of mdantsane to express themselves and showcase their creativity and artistry through dressing up in Kutcha tee’s. They believe that fashion and art should be incoporated.
Kultcha boys refuse to limit who should wear their clothing line, they cater for everyone; from hip hop wear and vibrant to the simple and elegant; depending on what your preferences lie. They have opened up a Facebook page and it looks professional for the timeframe it has existed on and have pictures that look appealing to the buyer’s eye. The gents say their inspiration were The Fashion Rebels. They say societal culture should not decide for you and what you should be wearing, they believe that one should wear what they want to wear whether it is acceptable to society or not.

Kaltcha aims as high as going international in the next five years. They are doing their best at building a name for the Mdantsane and the Eastern Cape talent that seems to have worn out compared to Soweto. The only challenge they have had is that of negative criticism that they, as newcomers, feel could have distracted them if it wasn’t for their teamwork skill and friendship.

I felt like if they started up a blog they would get some good recognition and when they said they needed more time, I felt relieved. Although I had known the guys for some time before their brand, I felt honoured at being the first to interview them because they had a vision that most of Mdantsane fellows didn’t seem to have. These guys are the next big shot in the fashion industry and I wish them the best in their hustle.


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  1. aphiwe says:

    that is some good job ur doing out there sethu keep on doing it
    even those guys will also be motivated to keep on doing a great job and improving mdantsane

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    1. angenathi says:

      thank you AP. I’m honoured you feel that way.


  2. Xolile Ntsham says:

    This is wonderful and intriguing, great idea. I hope this business can continue growing, so that it can open job opportunities… I wish you Sethu and the pack everything of the best.

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    1. angenathi says:

      thanx Xolile. There is so much talent in Ntsane, we just need role models like these guys who will pave way for others.


  3. Vuyisa says:

    Kultcha is a good brand. No mdubulo!! I was dressed by culture for my last dance trip, just got back yesterday from Cape town and people were crazy about culture in Cape town. It’s going big, keep supporting you all, Thank you so much. #Kultcha clothing
    #Brand ambassador

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    1. angenathi says:

      I’m happy to hear from someone who has already bought from Kultcha and who suppports the brand.


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