How to get your business back on its feet eKasi

Businesses start off with just an idea, actually with an idea to fix a problem. Seems like a mission? I’ve decided to write on this blog as part of my research for this ‘idea’ of mine, so if you want to know what to do and what happens next, stick around.

The most popular kind of small business you will find in the streets of South African townships are hawker stalls where they sell fruits and veggies, hats, socks, sunglasses and other things like fast food, another kind of business are the shops or spazas (as we call them) mostly owned by immigrants . There is nothing wrong with these businesses but I think coming up with something different and new will bring more attention to your business compared to your competitors’, given that you do put in an effort.


My mom is a clothing tailor, she makes clothes and sometimes fixes them. Most of her clothes are made from African print fabric. I think she is really good at what she does but the first problem i think her business is is the use of old designs, yes her designs are still applicable to older people and the ‘makotis’ (housewives) of her time but not to today’s young ladies like me. I tried telling this to her but she has no idea where to start, so she actually needs new ideas of trending designs.


The other problem i found in my mother’s business is that she spends all of her time behind the sewing machine, she loves her job but she barely ever has time for other things. she is responsible for the paperwork, the ordering of cloth, taking measurements, and a lot of other stuff. she  could use a little organizing helping hand.

The third and last problem, (and there probably are a lot others) is her marketing. she does attract a lot of customers especially at church which is good, because church uniforms at Old apostolic church change all the time. but this is fashion and fashion has trends and it’s nothing without trends.  she could do with some marketing skills(my next post) to grow her business.

So although I hardly have the time and we don’t always agree with each other on almost everything, I have so many ideas that may help her disastrous sewing business and I will help her because… she’s my mom and i love her.


Talk to her about the 3 problems

Problem1 OUTDATED DESIGNS: show her other really good designs that are trending and find a way to suit her style and kind of fabric: African prints new designs.

Problem2 FINDING AN ORGANISER: maybe find volunteering students that want to learn more about the business to handle the paperwork.

Problem3 MARKETING THE BUSINESS:  design brochures and using Facebook and my blog to attract a new audience.



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  1. aphiwe says:

    we really need something different as kasi people
    for example you’re doing Engineering how about doing a bit of business so that we stop this thing of going to college or university n come back work and earn same rate with someone who went straight from highschool to that company….

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  2. Jimmy says:

    This is a very good creativity…that creativity that would change lives and inspire more in Mzansi to not depend on jobs,basic…but to search deeper inside for GOD giving talent…and to be able to participate in development in the Economy Growth,Is not all about using Social Media and So On…But to have a Forum to discuss and to be creative…Sipo this is a Good Initiative of a Blogger…Nice one

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    1. Siphosetu says:

      Thanx Jimmy, there are many platforms to grow business, it is in my dreams to help grow and market businesses in the township especially around Mdantsane.


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