Motherhood at 20’s

Being a mother is one of the most crucial roles I play in my daily life. Sometimes it can be tough but through it all it’s a great experience. In between the dirty nappies, the rush to make it to creche and then varsity in the mornings,and no spare time to myself, there are those unforgettable moments ; the mother-son laughs, the unexpected kisses and hugs, the funny words uttered by a one year old who barely knows a thing… the busy life of a mom is made wonderful by those moments.

my son is what i live for, when i feel like quitting he’s the reason I continue. What excuse will I give him for the early mornings I had to wake him up when other kids are still sleeping? what will I tell him if i never succeed at what I’m doing to justify why I had to leave him with a stranger at creche?

I owe it to him, he may have come earlier than I had expected but it wasnt his fault. he deserves all the best that any mom can give his son. I hope that some day in 2017, when I’m wearing my graduation gown and hat, he’ll know the reasons to his questions.


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