Where am I headed?

It’s a Monday and I’m actually feeling good. Why? Last night I slept with a broken heart; I didnt feel like talking, i was so sad and irritated. I actually thought that today was not going to be a good start of the week. That was until I woke up and watched some morning shows on tv and I totally forgot I was angry, with some self conversations about life that caused me to get off bed that quickly. I did some excercises, you know, i used to think that they were lying when they claimed that excercise can actually change your mood. So, yipee, here i am feeling great! I’m even early for class today.

One thing that one should think of is setting goals, these are your guidelines, your direction to your dream.

Well, some day I would like to be an editor of some travel magazine but first, I need an internship, I need a real job and I need to graduate form University. So each morning I have to wake up,the first thing I do at school is go through my emails to check if any potential employer had answered. Set out a daily to do list to get everything in order.So these small goals lead me towards my big goal; being an editor of a well-known magazine.

So whenever I feel down and as if everything is impossible, I ask myself, where am I headed? what was the whole point in the start? why am I doing this? then I will get things done, Happy Monday Everyone!monday


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