The weak can also succeed

Success  is not always about the bold and strong people only. Perfectionists, introverts, pessimists all have to succeed in life one way or another regardless of what kind of person they are.

Some people will start something huge, like I did when I had to pursue a panel of judges I had never seen before to choose my documentary among the whole class of almost 40 students. My documentary was chosen with 6 others. That was huge for me , to someone else it would have been nothing, a piece of cake. But to me that was something bigger than I had anticipated.


pessimist vs optimist

I prepared for it , I stayed up the night before the interview to make sure that everything was in order. I was determined! Then BOOM! Here I am stressing about whether my doccie is worth winning. That is where the problem started, the minute I doubted myself after having come this far.

There are external barriers to success, like your close people and how they respond to what you do. Sometimes you need their motivation. You need to know that ‘hey, you still got this!’, but what happens when no one seems to notice? What happens when you need help from someone who you care the most for and would do the very same for? You lose hope! You begin to drag your feet as if you don’t have greater dreams and reasons for making this a success.

Blessed are those who can motivate themselves. The key is to tell yourself that it will all work out in the end. To get up when you don’t feel like it. To show up and do what you have to do for the day no matter how you feel at the moment. To remember why you are doing this because honestly, hiding will not get the job done! Taking a moment to yourself and to reflect on what step by step formula you can use for yourself to get better will help you loads! Go do something small and you will learn to grow bigger.

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