No boring moment for a train rider

Altough I am not a very talkative person, especially when surrounded by strangers, I have never found one boring moment in my three years of riding the train o varsity from home. My train station, Mtsotso, is the first in Mdantsane and is a 30 minute walk to and from home. That’s when the excitement starts, on my way to the station. There’s always something interesting happening.

There are the workers, who are always in a hurry even when they are very early. I do understand though, for most of us the train is our only hope for transportation. So you’d rather wait at the station than to run while the train comes. Then we have the school kids, both ver young and older. Even after Metrorail ( or is Prasa) now came up with a separate carriage just for children, those kids never use it because it has security gaurds and kids don’t want to be restricted in how high their tones should be when they talk or how they should not run around inside the train. This irritates the older people because sometimes the noise is just too much for them. Then there are us, the university and college students. It’s all about the clothes, the hairstyle, what your niche is when it comes to fashion. I try my best. but in reality, we all look good but we sometimes look the same. You can spot a university student from someone who was just going to town from the clothes she’s wearing.

There are different carriages for different people,  sometimes it’s about where you will get off. We always take the last carriage because when the train stops, the doors are always closer to the gate.


There are carriages for church, in the morning, when there are most people, there can be two or even more of these. Most of the time I sidestep the church, a girl just wants to listen to music on her earphones or think or read something sometimes! But when I do get on the church carriage, I forget about all else. The moment is what matters. I am in the spirit of praise, of fun and some sort of seriousness.

I personally don’t like the ride back home. I think of the distance from the train station to home, sometimes it’s cold and at the time we left town the weather was still good. The train ride is exactly 45 mins if there had not been hiccups. But thank God for the entertainers in the train, the attention seekers. Sometimes you get singers, sometimes preachers, sometimes just jokers. Then my dreadful thoughts about my walk home fade away for a while.


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